More 3d Prints

Got some of my 3d prints in the mail. 

Skyrim Celtic Dovahkiin ring & Reddit Snoo Alien
Skyrim Ring
Reddit Snoo alien keychain


New 3d models for Shapeways Printing

Made a few more things for my Shapeways shop. I only have renders at the moment while I wait for my shipment. I decided not to buy the iPhone mini golf case because I don't own an iPhone and it came out a little pricer than I'd want despite all the optimization I did. turns out they mostly charge for how big the plastic objects are and the material is relatively cheap.

Here's a link to my shop: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/kwdesigns
Zanarkand Abes symbol necklace from Final Fantasy also available in keychain size

an Alligator bottle opener / keychain

 an iPhone 5 case with mini Golf built into the back

a Skyrim inspired customizable ring. If anyone buys it they can send me what they'd like it to say and I convert it into the Dovahkiin symbols.


Trying out Shapeways

So the idea of 3d Printing some models got me excited and I'm curious to see if anyone would be interested if made some stuff and put them on Shapeways.com


So far I made the little Alien Snoo from Reddit.com because he was fairly quick to model and a good test of 3d printing. I made a pencil topper, desktop toy, and a charm version that would ideally be bought in metal for keychains / necklaces and other jewely purposes. Modeled in Maya & Zbrush.

I also made a secret decoder Lord of the Rings style coin where you can write and decode messages with friends. I always thought it was fun to pretend to be like spies with friends in school  so we would make up secret messages and codes. I have some more ideas written down that I just need to work out, I'll see if anything sells and if this endeavor is worth getting in to.

To use the coin to write secret messages: 
1. Use the top 2 notches to mark for alightment 
2. Mark your Letter 
3. Slide coin 
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 

To decipher your own or a friend's secret message: 
1. Align the notches to reveal what letter was chosen 
2. Write letter in center space 
3. Repeat with next set of notches until message is revealed!

If you'd like to take a look at these in different materials please visit here.

Some new work

Baby Pegasus from Disney Hercules, Low poly version in Marmoset Toolbag 2.0

Work in Progress on Claire Fisher ( Lauren Ambrose ) from Six Feet Under

I've also made myself a set of 3d eyes to use in future characters. They can still use a reworking but I'm happy with them for now.


So it has been a while since I've posted here, been busy with just putting things on my webpage and making new content for the portfolio. Here are some updates.

The mage concept rendered in Marmoset toolbag 2.0

 Lauren Ambrose in progress model.

 Pegasus from Hercules Zbrush Sculpt
 Harrison Ford Zbrush in Progress
 More shots of Lauren Ambrose / Claire from 6 Feet Under


Old Mage with Staff

I'm getting close to finishing my next project, I felt I needed more color in my portfolio and found this nice concept by Caio Monteiro.


Cyclops almost done & new portfolio website

I've almost finished the cyclops, sitting on it for a few days to see if I'll have any changes.

Also I have started a new portfolio webpage through weebly.

My new portfolio webpage.